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To get your  book published and to sell your book globally.

Porcupine Press Australia (PPA) was appointed the agent in Australia for Porcupine Press South Africa (PPSA)Porcupine Press South Africa is Full house publishing company,that specialises in book production editing, proofreading, layout and design services etc.  Porcupine Press Australia will offer these services through Porcupine Press South Africa. Porcupine Press Australia is a self publishing facilitator and uses a print on demand (POD one book or thousands) company to sell, paperback books globally that an author/ agent provides. This along with the multitude of ebook formats. There are many ways your book can be purchased and marketed with predominately previews and links to Createspace and distribution networks, Ingramspark distribution networks, Amazon KDP, iBooks, BN~nook, Google Books, eReader Kobo etc. Porcupine Press Australia takes your (Indesign, MS Word or pdf) file  and lists your book on up to nine (9) different channels. Global print on demand distribution is one channel. Permission for the sale of these books was granted, through an Author grant of rights agreement. Author can revoke rights at any time.


Communications with Porcupine Press Australia and Porcupine Press South Africa can happen via Skype, e-mail, telephone , post and social media, at the authors, members, clients expense( that is their own costs). Let this indie book publisher in Perth Australia do it for you!

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