The Pursuit of Life

Pursuitoflife.jpg The Pursuit of Life by David Zeffertt 

These stories are about humanity in action and are characterised by a sparkling literary style.

They tell about love and hate, the persecution of children, the joys and clumsiness growing up, memory, bereavement, and the triumphs and sorrows of old age.

There is plenty of irony and humour in the telling, but also moments of real tragedy where, in a few words, the enormity of the situation is given life and, we are told to pursue life despite its sting.CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

About the Author:

David Zeffertt has been a soldier, a shepherd, a trade-union organiser, a public servant, an advocate, and, for over for forty years, a professor of law.

He continued full-time lecturing until the age of seventy-two and published his last legal book in this eighties.

He has now turned to writing fiction and studying biblical Hebrew.


Now available from Porcupine Press Australia a book publisher in Perth, W